Women of His Promise Int'l Ministries

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Quotes 08/23/13 The past couple of weeks have been a huge trial in my life. I have gone through thyroid surgery, possible cancer, divorce, death of a grandfather, and now having to move last minute with no financial savings to do so. All these things are a sign that my life is shifting into something better. I know it's been hard for me emotionally and physically. I am thankful God has put angels in my life to encourage me through all of this. If it wasn't for Pastor Buchanan I would not be standing right now. Her prayers and words of kindness and wisdom give me the courage to keep seeking God through all of this. Pastor Buchanan's ministry has been one of the biggest support systems in my life for the past 21 years. She is a blessing to me as my sister in Christ. I stay true and faithful with my tithing through the good and bad times and because of it I am blessed. Quotes
God Is Good

Quotes Last year I lost my job and home and was denied unemployment insurance due to an injustice that happened to me. I appealed the decision twice and both times I was rejected. I decided that I would not continue to fight but leave the battle to the Lord. I knew that He would provide for my every need which He has done. He blessed me with the opportunity to train for a new profession fully paid for by a grant worth $3,800 that I don't have to pay back. He blessed me with restored health. I lost over 140 lbs. He restored me with a loving relationship! And oh, that case I appealed twice...well the Lord decided to have the court send me a notice from the unemployment case was to be reopened. And yes...He restored to me all unemployment benefits I lost for that period and then some! God is able...to Heal...Deliver...Restore.... Thank you Pastor Cassandra Buchanan for you intercessory prayers. I am believing the Lord for great and mighty things to happen for His Glory and Honor! Quotes
The Lord Will Restore