Women of His Promise Int'l Ministries

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Dr. Ambassador C.E. Biography: 

She’s been called to the nations as an Ambassador, for the Kingdom of the Most High God. A Spiritual Midwife, sent to prepare the hearts of the lost, to become the Bride of Christ, and take their positions as sons and daughters of the King of Glory.  As she is guided by the Holy Spirit (i.e. the Ruach HaKodesh), she admonishes the handmaidens and men of valor to pray, fast, and encourages them to follow, search out, and study the statues, laws, and commandments of the Most High God. 

Throughout her thirty-seven years, as a believer in Christ (Yeshua Ha Mashiach the Messiah), the Son of the living God, with grace and humility, the Most High has elevated Cassandra to serve in numerous leadership capacities and appointments. As an ambassador of 172 Clergy she has traveled overseas to the mission fields of Korea, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, and continues to receive invitations to travel throughout the United States. 

She is a Bible College graduate. Certified in Biblical Worship, as well as a Healing and Deliverance Counselor from Living Word Bible Institute. She is the recipient of a Doctorate in Humanities from United College, and Seminary International.  Dr. Buchanan is presiding Pastor over 50 cell groups, within the Inland Empire and Greater Los Angeles Area, networking Pastor for SADOC Christian Family Church located in Compton, CA under the leadership of Elder Dr. Walter and Elect Lady Michelene Millsap.  She is a re-occurring guest on Market Place in Action/Authority, with Dr. Ken Smith, and Pastor Anthony Salerno. She is a frequent guest on GateKeeper's Ministry International Radio Broadcast, hosted by Missionary Evangelist Linda D. Casraiss. Dr. Buchanan is a 2013 recipient of Ambassador for Peace award, 2014 recipient of Spiritual Parent of the Year Award, a 2018 recipient of the prestigious World Civility Award, and a member of iChange Nations the message of the Golden Rule People Treatment, Honor and Civil Discourse.